CYANOBACTERIA @ University of Ljubljana FCCT


We have interest in several topics related to cyanobacterial biology, from their occurrence in natural habitats, their molecular biology and biochemical properties, to biotechnology applications.

  • Ecology


    We believe our knowledge of cyanobacteria in the environment is very limited. What promotes expansion of some species and not other? Can we differentiate between very similar unicellular cyanobacteria? We have new tools to investigate this.

  • Synthetic biology

    We are building genetic devices for improved biosafety of cyanobacteria. If they ever escape controlled environment where they are grown, we should be able to induce cell death of these cells specifically.

  • How cyanobacteria die

    Cyanobacteria might have a very intricate network of molecules that respond to environmental conditions and can trigger a programme of self-destruction. Some of the enzymes are related to plant and human proteins involved in apoptosis.